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Kanye West To Be The New Michael Jackson

Er, what?

By Kayleigh Dray on Wednesday 8th February 2012 Photo by WENN

Kanye West is famed for saying very silly things. So we barely bat an eyelid when he announced that he wanted to be the NEW Michael Jackson...

Oh Kanye. You never learn, do you?

Kanye West has a lot going on in his life. He's filming a blockbuster, he's started up his own fashion line and, sometimes, he makes music. However, this isn't enough to keep him out of mischief, and he now wants to be as big (if not bigger) than the late Michael Jackson.

That's pretty much the modern day equivalent of John Lennon casually mentioning that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. recently interviewed No I.D (Dion Wilson), Kanye's producer, and he let the cat out of the bag on Kanye's big aspirations:

"One day, we took Kanye to meet former Sony Music Chairman Donnie Lenner, and he danced around singing this song and saying, 'I’m gonna be the next Michael Jackson.' To us, it was like, 'This is hip-hop! What are you talking about? Are you kidding me?'"

We don't really understand a lot of what we just read. However, it basically boils down to the fact that Kanye West said something stupid. Again.

But it doesn't stop there. Apparently No I.D and Kanye went on to meet with Michael Mauldin and, quite suddenly, Kanye's aspirations has altered:

"When we met with former Columbia Records president Michael Mauldin he said 'I want to be better than Jermaine Dupri!' I’m like, 'Are you crazy? That’s Jermaine’s father! Why would you say that?'... A lot of silly things happened that day."

No kidding. Maybe keep Kanye off the fizzy drinks?


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