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Nicki Minaj 'Queen Of England' In Former Life

'Super Bass' star convinced she was royalty in another lifetime...

By David Renshaw on Wednesday 1st February 2012 Photo by

Nicki Minaj has stated her belief that she was the Queen of England in a former life.

The debatable brag came from the 'Super Hoe' star in a new interview with Wonderland magazine, the cover of which she adorns this months. Speaking to the UK magazine, Nicki says: "I was born in London in my past life, no-one can tell me different.

Adding to her backstory, Nicki says: "I probably was like a queen in London, I was probably the people's Queen that fought for lives… and I probably started off as a maid and then was just, like, really revolutionary and moved all my [Barbies] into the big Queen mansion."

Minaj was praised by Madonna, whom she will perform with at the 2012 Superbow, for her independence and spirit recently.

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