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Cheryl Cole and So Solid Crew's Harvey 'Had Secret Relationship'?

Harvey even considered marrying Cheryl...

By Jamal Guthrie on Tuesday 31st January 2012

Cheryl Cole and MC Harvey allegedly had a secret relationship following her split from Ashley Cole, according to the So Solid Rapper.

Harvey told Now Magazine "We've known each other for years. But then [after Cheryl split with Ashley] we started confiding in each other. A lot of it was like: 'We can't trust anyone out there, so we're just gonna trust each other'."

The '21 Seconds' rapper even says he considered marrying Cheryl.

"I wouldn't have minded Cheryl being my wife! I cracked up when people said she was with Derek Hough. I was like: 'You're so far off!'" he said.

Harvey refused to discuss details, however.

"I promised her loyalty and I can't break that. There was an attraction. That comes when you talk to people and Cheryl's a nice girl."

Adding, "But in terms of anything we exchanged or any words that were said, I'd never disclose that stuff. It's personal. When Cheryl reads this, she'll be like: 'Aww, he was loyal to me'."

The pair met through Ashely Cole, who Harvey has known since his football days. Harvey had a thing or two to say about the Chelsea star as well.

"I've known Ashley since I was a kid. I don't get his lifestyle. People like me learn when we do bad things, but some people don't learn, do they?" he said.

"If I'd be given a second chance [like Ashley was], I'd literally have stayed in the house like it was a prison. I'd have travelled home every night to be with her, even if I was playing in Leeds or whatever, so she'd feel more comfortable. Ashley was crazy. He knows not to come near me."

Harvey - who was married to Alesha Dixon says personal issues and Cheryl's X Factor USA stint mean the relationship wasn't meant to be.

"I just think that at the time, with the amount of stress she was going through with her own stuff and what I'd also been through, I wouldn't have been right for her. Maybe we were both scared of the pressure. I was scared. I was thinking: 'Am I ready for all this again?'"

We weren't expecting these revelations, that's for sure.

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