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PopDash: New Music Video Round Up

Featuring Maverick Sabre, Russian singer Kamaliya and Sleigh Bells...

By Jamal Guthrie on Friday 27th January 2012

This week's videos are a good mix between serious love songs and party bangers.There's a new video from rising Russian pop star Kamaliya. Maverick Sabre shows off his jealous side, while Sleigh Bells' new video puts them forward as one of the coolest pairs in the industry. There's also new videos out from Far East Movement and We Have Band.

Kamaliya - Rising Up

Russian pop star Kamaliya delivers this instant dancefloor filler. The video shows her speeding through the bright city lights on a giant motorbike wearing cat claws as she hunts her prey. As the title would suggest 'Rising Up' has a few gravity defying stunts.

Maverick Sabre - No One

As we found out during our chat with him last year, Maverick Sabre is a very nice guy -so you can't help but feel for him during this story of jealousy. An ex lover dances exotically and flirts with other guys as Mav' watches on ruefully and does some soulful crooning on stage.

Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid

Sleigh Bells are so cool, they even look great while doing the weekly food shop. 'Comeback Kid' begins with Alexis Krauss jumping up and down on a bed smiling and holding a rifle. She's soon leather clad and headed for the supermarket.

Far East Movement - Jello ft Rye Rye

This is further proof - if you needed convincing - that Far East Movement are the trio you need to invite to get a party started. The rappers crash a formal function to get grandmas dancing on tables. There's also an Oprah lookalike and someone who is either meant to be President Barack Obama or Drake. It's not a very good likeness either way.

We Have Band - Where Are Your People?

This video from London trio We Have Band leaves you feeling uneasy. A witch-like cloaked figure leads a series of incantations powered by mysterious gem stones. This is strange.

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