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JLS Planning To Work With Ed Sheeran On New Album?

Band are half way through a new record...

By David Renshaw on Tuesday 24th January 2012

JLS have said that they want to work on more laid back material for their next album and are hoping to recruit Ed Sheeran to write with them.

The 'She Makes Me Wanna' band told Digital Spy that they are already half way through their next album and have been working with some of the biggest producers and song writers around. Speaking about wanting to capture a more 'stripped back' sound, Marvin Humes said:

"There's already been a few moments like that on our previous albums, but we want to take some of it back to our roots from when we first began." Adding: "We love the way that Ed [Sheeran] performs on stage - it's incredible. We think we could do something amazing together in the studio. We believe it's all in the pipeline."

Moving on to who the group have already confirmed time in the studio with, Marvin reeled off an impressive list of names:

"We're halfway through it at the moment and we've already put a lot of material together. We're off to Los Angeles tomorrow to work with Babyface, Sean Garrett - who's one of America's biggest songwriters - and Bangladesh (Rihanna, Lil Wayne).

"We'll be there for two weeks to wrap it up and then we're back in the UK for our tour. Then we'll prepare to release our new single."

JLS recently revealed their charity single 'Proud', the official Sport Relief single.

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