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Adam Lambert - Through The Years!

We take a look at American Idol runner up turned Trespassing star...

By David Renshaw on Thursday 19th January 2012 Photo by

2012 looks set to be the year that Adam Lambert firmly establishes himself as one of the world's leading male solo pop stars and we're here to give him our full support.

With a new, mature look and an album packed full of potential hits - Lambert and his 'Tresspassing' album could well be the sound of the next twelve months. The news that Adam was returning was huge on PopDash earlier this year and the rumoured trackilisting had fans flocking to get a glimpse.

However, it was this weeks performance on Jay Leno's US chat show that convinced us that Adam is about to embark on something great.

So, joins us as we got back to the start and look at Lambert's career in picture - wold performances, celebrity friends, American Idol 'n' all!

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