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Jessie J Reveals Hatred Of Fake Tan and Dirty Nails

She likes a good pedicure...

By David Renshaw on Tuesday 10th January 2012

Jessie J has revealed that she likes a man to take care of his nails and that fake tan is a big no no.

The 'Domino' star revealed her taste to The Sun, telling the paper that she was impressed to see American men taking greater care of their hands in the States recently.

"I'm all about the hygiene so I hate dirty nails. Just have a pedicure!" said Jessie.

Adding: : "I see that a lot when I'm in New York, guys with pedicures. You don't really get that in the UK. I also think it should be illegal not to floss. And I hate greasy hair.

"I really hate fake tan too."

Meanwhile, it has been rumoured that Jessie will appear alongside Tulisa on Little Mix's debut album later this year.

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