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Leona Lewis Claims TV Talent Show Artists Are 'More Talented' Than Regular Artists

'There's no Auto-Tune, no nothing. It's all raw, genuine.'

By David Renshaw on Friday 6th January 2012

Leona Lewis has revealed that she thinks the contestants taking part in TV talent shows are often more talented than those who are already plying their trade as popstars.

The 'Collide' star made the controversial claims in an interview with Time Out Dubai, stating her belief that it is pure talent that sees contestants on shows such as X Factor succeed.

"Because my first single, 'Bleeding Love', did so well - it went number one in, like, 30 different countries - I've proved myself not to be a sell-out," said Lewis.

Adding: "People see me on the show, where people are singing live; there's no miming like you see so many artists now doing on TV shows. You're out there in front of so many people and there's so much pressure."

"So in all honesty, a lot of reality-show musicians are more talented than the artists who are actually out right now. There's no Auto-Tune, no nothing. It's all raw, genuine, so a lot of the people are actually very, very talented."

Do you agree with Leona? Are Jedward better than Adele?!

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