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Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Judge says Dr Murray showed 'no remorse' and 'deserved jail time'...

By Jamal Guthrie on Wednesday 30th November 2011 Photo by Wenn

Michael Jackson's former doctor, Conrad Murray, has been sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

Murray, who was found guilty of the charge earlier this month, was given the maximum term for the charge.

Judge Michael Pastor told the court "I find that Dr Murray abandoned his patient who was trusting him; his patient was vulnerable under those circumstances, having been administrated potentially dangerous drugs by his medical provider."

Judge Pastor also said a key piece of evidence which led him to the ruling was a chilling audio recording of Jackson sounding unwell.

"Of everything I heard and saw during the course of the trial, one aspect of the evidence stands out the most, and that is the surreptitious recording of Michael Jackson by his trusted doctor." He said.

Pastor also felt Dr Murray shown no remorse over the course of the trial.

He said "The fact remains, Dr Murray is offended by that patient dying and I don't have any idea what will prompt Dr Murray to do or not do something in the future that may be dangerous to a patient if he does practise medicine in the United States or even elsewhere." 

Pastor continued "Dr Murray's course of conduct extended over a period of time, he repeatedly lied and engaged in deceitful misconduct and endeavoured to cover up his transgressions."

He added "He violated the trust of the medical community, of his colleagues and of his patient and he has absolutely no sense of remorse, absolutely no sense of fault and remains dangerous."

"It's easy to say, 'Oh well, Dr Murray is a medical doctor, he's a smart sophisticated man, he doesn't have a criminal history, he may not be licensed to practise medicine in the future - although that has nothing to do with me, I have no authority over that."

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine said of the sentencing "Four years is not enough for someone's son. It won't bring him back but at least he got the maximum."

Jermaine Jackson said "I just hope that for every long day that Murray does serve in jail, he is haunted by what he's done in the same way we've been haunted by what he didn't do - keep Michael healthy and alive."

Dr Murray could also be ordered to pay in excess of $100m in restitution to Jackson's estate and children for loss of potential earnings from the planned This Is It o2 concerts.

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