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EXCLUSIVE: Tinchy Stryder Reveals New Album Title

As well as praising The X Factor's Misha B...

By David Renshaw on Thursday 3rd November 2011

Tinchy Styder has revealed that his forthcoming album is set to be called 'Full Tank'.

The MOBO Award winning rapper revealed the news exclusively in an interview with PopDash, stating that he had just come up with the title earlier this week.

"Until today, we didn’t have one but as we speak I’ve just thought of it and I’d like to call it Full Tank." he told us.

Explaining: "Cos it’s like I’m fully loaded and ready to explode, I’ve learnt a lot and  you cant do nothing half way it’s like I cant roll on a tank half empty, so it’s got to be a Full Tank."

Meanwhile, Tinchy has praised X Factor contestant Misha B, saying she is the contestant he thinks can go the furthest in the music industry.

"Her voice is powerful and there’s something about her, she has a cool attitude to her like she knows she can sing and she ahs a cool confidence. It’s something different and when I’m watching the X Factor there’s not that many people that make you go "Wow" but she has that." said Tinchy.

Check out the full PopDash interview with Tinchy Stryder here now.

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