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One Direction Not Bothered By X Factor Loss

They feel like winners...

By David Renshaw on Tuesday 13th September 2011

One Direction have said that they're not bothered that they failed to win X Factor in 2010, saying they're having far too much fun to think about it.

The boyband were specially put together during the audition stages of X Factor and came third ahead of Cher Loyd and narrowly behind Rebecca Ferguson and show winner Matt Cardle.

Appearing on Daybreak earlier today (Sept 13)Harry Styles revealed that his bandmates don't mind that they missed out on the glory, saying: "It's kind of weird - while we were on the show we really wanted to win, and then coming off it, our year has been so busy. And we're so lucky and grateful to have everything that we've never really thought, 'I wish we'd have won'. We're just loving what we're doing - it's so much fun."

Meanwhile, Liam Payne revealed that the group took a year to finish their music because they wanted to hone their own definitive sound.

"We just wanted to get the music right. I mean it was hard coming off a show doing constant covers every week, then we had to kind of go away and define our own sound and make the right record rather than just rushing one out. So we took a lot of time to think about it." he said.

Earlier today we revealed that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have moved in to a flat together.

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