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Channel 4 Culture Editor Criticises Mercury Music Prize

He wanted win for Adele...

By Harry Hamburg on Wednesday 7th September 2011

Channel 4 News' culture editor has publically criticized the Mercury Music Prize judges after his favourite act, Adele failed to win this years award.

“They're like indie kids at school who raved about bands until they got in the charts when they'd ditch them for having sold out. So boring!” Matthew Cain said today on Twitter.

The main brunt of his argument was acts should not be penalised for their success by hip judges trying to “out-cool each other”.

“I just don't think artist like Adele should be penalised for connecting with mass market.,” he said, and later made it quite clear who he felt should have won on his Channel 4 news blog: “This year my favourite act Adele might have been nominated but I suspect that she wasn’t ever seriously considered as a winner purely because of the fact that so many people have already discovered her music.”

Adding, “It’s no coincidence that if you look at the record sales of Mercury winners on award night over the last five years or so, they’re rarely more than the tens of thousands (the Arctic Monkeys being the exception).  And surprise surprise, the same was true this year with PJ Harvey.”

What do you think? Should Adele, Katy B or Tinie Tempah have been acknowledged by the Mercury Music Prize judges?

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