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Amber Rose Twitter Hacker Aims Insults At Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West

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By David Renshaw on Wednesday 31st August 2011

Amber Rose has been the victim of a Twitter hacker today (Aug 31) with insults fired at Chris Brown and boyfriend Wiz Khalifa by the online prankster.

Model Rose, who dates Wiz Khalifa and previously went out with Kanye West, informed her followers of the hack, saying: “OMG! Someone hacked my Twitter!!! Changing password now sorry Rosebuds.”

Some of the Tweets sent by the hacker included:

“@RealWizKhalifa f*ck you bitch ass **** ! Its over. U aint shit, just like that @kanyewest bitch ass ! #****saintsh*t #backtogirls4me.”

Another message claimed that Amber had “f*cked Chris Brown”

Despite attempting to fight the hacker, Amber still found herself being targeted: “WTF!!! I shut my phone off and changed my password how the hell are they still HACKING me??" she Tweeted.

Was Amber hacked? Or is it attention seeking?

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