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The Jonas Brothers Will Definitely Record another Album


By Giovanna Falcone on Thursday 25th August 2011

Good news for all Jonas Brothers fans out there… Kevin Jonas has revealed that he and his brothers will definitely be coming together to record another album – they’re just waiting for Joe to release his solo album first.

On recording new material, Kevin told Access Hollywood: “We definitely will. Joe's coming out with an album on October 11 which is really exciting - his first solo project - but the Jonas Brothers will definitely be coming back with an album soon.

“We were talking about it recently, about getting back together, doing something, whether it's a full album, or something special. Definitely.”

Kevin also spoke about the possibility of him and wife Danielle (they’ve been married for almost two years) starting a family, he said: “We've started to realise we might become those weird dog people. We have our two dogs, so we don't want to be those weird dog people, so maybe we're headed for a family sooner than we thought.”


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