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One Direction Reveal Celebrity Crushes On Pippa Middleton, Megan Fox

Plus, what they look for in a girlfriend...

By David Renshaw on Tuesday 16th August 2011

One Direction have revealed the celebrities they love the most with Megan Fox and Pippa Middleton coming out on top.

Niall revealed that he has a thing for Royal Wedding star Pippa whilst Zayn said that Megan is the girl for him in an interview on the official X Factor website.

Speaking about the sort of girls he goes for, Harry Styles said:

"Obviously, we like a girl to be attractive but it's all about the banter - standard! And I like a babe with a talent - you need to be good at something. Like tennis! Now, that's cool.

Whilst Liam Payne added: "I don't like girls who are all up in your face. A nice pair of peepers helps too."

Earlier today we told you how McFly said One Direction make them feel old.

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