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The Top 10 Most Unusual Celebrity Baby Names Ever!

From Apple to Zuma, we give you the lowdown on weird celebrity baby names

By Jenna Corderoy on Wednesday 20th July 2011 Photo by Wenn/ Twitter

Celebrities tend to be the creative types, whether it's expressing themselves through acting or music.  So when it comes to naming their kids - why should we expect anything different from them? 

It's another outlet to allow their creative juices to flow.  Why not name your child after a fruit like, say, an apple?  Or use a number for their middle name?  Who wants to settle with a normal name like James or Sarah?  Why not make your child's name stand out?  Maybe it'll set a trend, with parents around the world calling their children Zuma or Bronx Mowgli? 

Celebrities like setting trends, them being creative types and all.  But sometimes they get a little too creative, and that's when things get unusual.  So in celebration of the Beckhams' new addition to their family, little Harper Seven, PopDash presents the top ten unusual baby names of all time.


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