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By David Renshaw on Tuesday 24th May 2011

Here at PopDash we enjoy nothing more than discovering a new star. After all, there was a time many moons ago when Lady Gaga could only dream of walking the red carpet in an egg and even we were asking what Rihanna's name was.

Bascially, everyone starts somewhere and we want that place to be here. So, today marks the first day of our new music section Cutting Teeth. From today we will be profiling two new acts a week and hopefully bringing you your first look at the stars of tomorrow. We've already written about Katy B, Jessie J, Clare Maguire,Willow Smith and Bruno Mars in the past so we'd like to think we have quite good taste.

To kick things off we have compiled a fifteen track playlist of our favourite new artists at the moment, the whole mix is available to download or you can just pick and choose your favourite tracks. The compilations crosses lots of different styles but always remains fun, fresh and most important: catchy. We hope you like it. If you want to know more about the artists involved, take a look at our short profiles below. There will be more information on the site about everyone involved in the coming weeks.

MP3PopDash Cutting Teeth mixtape.

Oh My! -Our favourite new duo, Oh My are brash and loud but more fun than you can possibly imagine. Named after an R'n'B classic but reminiscent of the best of 80's pop, Oh My are the brain child of rave hitmaker Example and they're coming for your dancing shoes.

Alex Clare - Two things you need to know about Alex Clare. 1. He shares a producer with Beyonce and 2. He has a voice that could move mountains. Get involved, now!

Alex Winston - Alex's voice is unique and some may say 'quirky' but we'd never be as mean to bring you something quirky. No, Alex Winston is a special talent and mixes indie influences with undeniable melodies. We're a little bit in love with her.

Ed Sheeran - If you don't know Ed then you can't be one of his millions of online followers. With a string of sold out shows and more free music than you can shake a stick at, the youngster has just signed a huge record deal and looks set for megatstardom.

Florrie - With model good looks (she actually is a model) and drumming skills that saw her behind the skins for Girls Aloud, Florrie is the aspirational face of pop. Check her super cool, and totally independent, anthems in the making.

Icona Pop - If you've ever wanted to say you like The Knife but just can't get past the weirdness then Icona Pop might be for you. They're Swedish and sometimes in pop, that's all you need to know.

Spark - We profiled Spark a few months ago and still think you need to hear her street wise earworms before she blows up bigger than her name instigates.

Cocknbullkid - Kylie loves her, Duran Duran invited her to tour and she's written for everyone from Nicola Roberts to One Direction - Cocknbullkid is a tour de force and 'Asthma Attack' is one of our singles of the year. We're delighted to bring this remix your way.

Sound Of Arrows -FAO: Fans of Hurts and general stylish/ amazing pop music. You have a favourite new band. 

Ronika -Ronika reminds us of a million pop stars who never quite made it but should have. We're determined that she will make up for lost talent and become massive. 'Wiyoo' is the AA Side to her debut single 'Forget Yourself' and is very good indeed.

Oh Land - Sweden scores yet again. Having worked with Pharrell Williams and released one of our favourite EP's of the year, Oh Land continues to charm with every move she makes. This Twin Shadow remix is the perfect introduction to her and her music.

Twenty Twenty - Single handedly saving the hair straightener industry with their punk-pop stylings, Twenty Twenty are the natural succesors to McFly's crown and have already crashed the UK Album chart with their debut effort 'Small Talk'.

Six D - Did someone say a UK version of Black Eyed Peas? Yes please!

Frank Ocean - He may be a member of the formidable Odd Future but don't let that put you off. Frank Ocean is a smooth soul singer and mixes it up with some dark, heart-wrenching vocals. Compelling stuff.

The Knocks - Super cool NYC producers and go-to party starters the world over, The Knocks are who we want at our next Birthday. This track is a cover of the Diana Ross classic and sees them teaming up with close friend Alex Winston (see earlier).

Skylar Grey - Having already worked with Dr Dre and Lupe Fiasco on singles this year we would have good grounds to proclaim Skylar as the new Rihanna. The fact she wrote 'Love The Way You Lie' and released the demo version to fans is just further proof of her immense talent.


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