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Miley Cyrus Contorts Body In Lace Catsuit For New Photoshoot

She strikes yoga style poses...

By David Renshaw on Friday 20th May 2011 Photo by Brian Bowen Smith

Miley Cyrus has posed for one of her most adult photoshoots yet, in a move that is bound to cause trouble.

The teen star, who has spend much of the last month on tour in South America, donned a lace catusit for these shots with photographer Brian Bowen Smith. Though she is now 18, we wouldn't be surprised if Miley saw a reaction similar to that when she posed for the now infamous Annie Leibowitz shoot in 2008.

Miley is aware of how the public react to her growing up, just this week she deleted some angry Tweets that she sent which tackled her problem.

"I’m a bad girl for growing up…I’m a bad girl for living my dreams. No matter what, I’m the bad girl" she Tweeted, before quickly deleting the message.

Miley also got her sixth tattoo this past week, though she has yet to reveal what the Brazilian artist inked onto her wrist.

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