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Gwyneth Paltrow Performs Adele Cover On Glee

Hear her version of 'Turning Tables' now...

By David Renshaw on Monday 18th April 2011

Everyone knows that you're nobody these days until your music has been covered in Glee so Adele can finally relax. She's arrived.

Yes, her track 'Turning Tables' taken from the wildly succesful '21' album will feature in an upcoming episode of Glee and will be sung by none other than Gwneth Paltrow herself.

The honour is just the latest in a line of awards and recognition that Adele has received and, what's good for us, is that Paltrow's version is actually quite good. Which is more than we can say for the assorted indie twonks who tried covering 'Someone Like You'.

Take a listen to Glee's 'Turning Tables' and keep your eyes peeled for it appearing in a future episode of the show.

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