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Nicole Scherzinger - 'Killer Love' Track By Track Guide

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By David Renshaw on Monday 21st March 2011 Photo by Splash

Our favourite X Factor guest judge/ former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is releasing her solo album 'Killer Love' today. To celebrate this we're taking a track by track listen to it to let you know what is in store. If you have a short attention span, here is a summary - You'll want to dance, Sting = skip, big ballad at the end.

1. Poison


2. Killer Love

The album title track. More HI-NRG beats over which Nicole sings, “Go ahead punish me if that's your fantasy”. Why is pop so obsessed with equating love to actual, physical pain at the moment? We blame Rihanna. Good song though, if we were Tyra Banks (or the 2011 equivalent) we'd label this 'fierce'.

3. Don't Hold Your Breath

Well if it isn't Nicole's number one single! As you will all know by now, this comes off a bit like Jordin Sparks/ Chris Brown's 'No Air' but is in fact the tale of how Nicole doesn't need her man any more. “If you think I'm coming back, don't hold your breath” she sings, giving the unfortunate guy the musical dumping of his life.

4. Right There

She's singing about sex again. There's no wonder Lewis Hamilton drives such a fast car, most men would probably steal their Grannys mobility scooter to get home to Nicole.

5. You Will Be Loved

If you're one of the (many) people who regularly ask, “Why is there not more yodelling in music?” then this is the song for you. Yes, actual yodelling is this tracks USP and we'll let you make your own opinions on whether that's a good thing or not. 'You Will Be Loved' is the first ballad on 'Killer Love' but we get the feeling more are on their way.

6. Wet

“Let's get a little wet, I like the way you're working me out” sings Nicole, in what is presumably an ode to water aerobics.

7. Say Yes

Someone call Taio Cruz, Nicole has stolen all his songs. OK, so RedOne's production on 'Killer Love' is a little heavy handed and this synth laden, Euro cheese anthem might be one track too many after the similar, but superior, 'Poison' and 'Wet'.

8. Club Banger Nation

If there is not a student night with this name by the end of 2011 then Nicole should hang her head in shame. This, as you might expect, is not exactly Dido territory.

9. Power's Out

Sound the Sting klaxon! Yes, I Blame Coco's Dad Gordon has turned up to join Nicole on a strange song that, after the relentless club vibes already laid down,  feels a bit like being picked up by your Uncle after a night out. It was nice of them to make Sting feel comfortable by ripping off The Police's  'Every Breath You Take' though.

10. Desperate

Remember the ruthless Nicole who kicked her man to the kerb on 'Don't Hold Your Breath'? Well now she's desperate for a man to not leave her. “Why did you have to go and leave me so desperate” she sings. Err, maybe because you told him to Nicole!

11/13. Everybody/ Casualty

We've grouped these songs together for two reasons. 1) we're a bit tired of writing this now. 2) they're THE SAME SONG. Essentially a ballad hidden by some sneaky BPM rising from RedOne.

12. Heartbeat w/ Enrique Igleseas

An oldie now, but a goodie nonetheless.

14. AmenJena

It's ballad o'clock now. This is the big one, the epic end moment. Stripped down (calm it boys) to just a vocal and a piano Nicole's voice is allowed to truly shine and whilst we're not quite at Adele levels, she has a great voice, something which can be lost in the synth maze that some parts of this enjoyable but repetitive album


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