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Pink Makes Fun Of Christina Aguilera Drunk Arrest

It was meant to be her that got drunk and arrested!

By David Renshaw on Wednesday 2nd March 2011

Pink made fun of both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears last nightm joking that people always said she'd be the one who ended up in trouble.

The jokes came after Christina was arrested in Los Angeles alongside her boyfriend for being drunk in the early hours of Monday (Feb 28) morning.

Pink, who emerged onto the music scene around the same time as Christina and Britney Spears, poked fun at the fact they have slipped into trouble when it was always her with the bad girl image,

Posting on Twitter, Pink said:  "Out of Myself, Britney, and Christina- didn't everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker? LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!!! (sic)"

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