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Marina & The Diamonds Calls Police After Music Leaks Online

She's very angry at the theft...

By David Renshaw on Friday 11th February 2011

Marina Diamandis, of & The Diamonds fame, has called the police after demo versions of her new songs emerged online.

Two new Marina tracks appeared on blogs and message boards late last month and were immediately snapped up by fans of the 'Hollywood' star.

Unfortunately for Marina (and her fans) the songs were not quite finished and Marina is so angry at the theft of the music that she has got the police involved.

Writing on her blog earlier today, Marina said: ''I have the police involved. So if you know information about the people who are doing this, you can message me. I have waxed lyrical to [record label] Warner about how incredible you are and I have faith in you on this."

She added: "I am asking for you to protect me. I rely on you guys heavily - and transparently - and I need your help. You're the only ones who control whether things stop or spread." 

We'll be honest with you here, we've heard the new songs and are worried. If we go to prison promise to start a 'Free The PopDash One' campaign for us!

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