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Justin Bieber Caught Up In Christina Milian, The Dream Divorce

His hit songs royalties to be precise...

By David Renshaw on Tuesday 1st February 2011

Justin Bieber has found himself at the centre of Christina Milian and The Dream's bitter divorce.

Unfortunatelty J. Bieb's has not been getting it on with Christina (or The Dream for that matter) but his song 'Baby' is the cause of much drama in the divorce case.

10% of the songs royalties have been promised to Christina by The Dream (who helped write the hit track) along with a large amount of cash and property.

According to TMZ however, Christina is demanding more money and a bigger cut in the 'Baby' royalties which has led any previous offers from The Dream to be taken off the table.

The Dream and Christina Milian are to divorce after he had an affair whilst his wife was pregnant.

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