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Blue's Eurovision Entry Described As 'Insanity' By Ex-Manager

Are they crazy to enter?

By David Renshaw on Monday 31st January 2011

Blue's decision to enter the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest has been described as 'Insanity' by their former manager.

Daniel Glatman, who managed the band during their stint as the UK's biggest boyband compared the decision to Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton entering a go-kart race.

"They will have to win. Anything less and their reputation would be in tatters." he said.

Adding, “It is the equivalent of Lewis Hamilton entering a go-kart race - he will be the strong favourite but there is also the possibility he could lose. So why risk it?"

What do you think? Are Blue mad? or is this the best chance the UK have had at Eurovision in years?

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