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See 'Tik-Tok' Star Ke$ha's 9th Grade Photo

She wasn't always so wild and crazy...

By David Renshaw on Monday 15th November 2010

We might be more used to seeing Ke$ha in her trademark crazy outfits complete with glitter, fluorescent colours and 'wild' attitude but she wasn't always so outrageous as this early picture shows. 

Taken from when Ke$ha (or Kesha Rose Sebert as she was probably known then) was in the 9th Grade, the picture shows the then fifteen year old in an LA Lakers t-shirt, supporting her local basketball team.

We're sure Ke$ha will be a bit embarrassed about this picture surfacing but then we all know there are far worse pictures of the 'Cannibal' star online...

 PHOTOS: Ke$ha's usual OTT Fashion Style.

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