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Florence Discusses Her Twilight Soundtrack Song

She's so heavy in your arms...

By David Renshaw on Thursday 4th November 2010

Florence Welch has said that her song 'Heavy In Your Arms' is perfect for the Twilight soundtrack on which it featured as the tracks lyrics deal with the same issues as the teen movie trilogy.

Speaking ahead of the release of 'Heavy In Your Arms', which features on the Twilight movie Eclipse, Florence said:

"'Heavy In Your Arms' I suppose is about the weight of love, and how sometimes it can be a burden between two people."

"I felt this was a strong theme in the Twilight series - is someone being rescued or are they being condemned, and is the love you carry bringing you down?"

Discussing the recording of the song, she added: "I recorded it using a lot of strange reversed vocal samples and big hip hop piano. It's basically inspired by 90's hip hop and gospel choirs, like most of my songs."

We wonder what Edward and Bella would make of the song?

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