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Kelis Flashes Alan Titchmarsh After Nip-Slip Incident

She accidentally reveals all on TV show...

By David Renshaw on Monday 4th October 2010

Quite what Kelis was doing on Alan Titchmarsh's massively right wing gentle TV show we'll never know but it has given us the biggest chuckle of the day that's for sure.

Yes, whilst performing her new song 'Scream' to an audience of elderly garden and chat enthusiasts, Kelis reportedly became seperate from her top and accidentally flashed everyone in the studio some of her 'good stuff' so speak.

A source told The Mirror: "Kelis was performing new single 'Scream' and towards the end her nipple slightly popped out.

"They had to edit it out. Alan certainly seemed a little hot under the collar afterwards when they were chatting."



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