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Kanye West Reckons He Could Beat Obama At Basketball

He responds to the President labeling him a 'jackass'...

By David Renshaw on Thursday 23rd September 2010

Kanye West has finally responded to Barack Obama after the President called him a "jackass" following Kanye's VMA/ Taylor Swift incident.

Unfortunately for us, Kanye humbly accepts that the Preident of America might just be a little bit more important than him and humby accepted the jibe.

Speaking to XXL, Kanye said:

"When Obama called me “jackass”, after the Taylor incident, I thought that the person who taped that wasn’t supposed to tape it. Obama was supposed to be speaking off the record. Obama has way more important stuff to worry about than my public perception. He was trying to pass the healthcare bill. And if he said that to relate to the room or lighten the room up and the whole mood, then I’d be more than happy to be the butt of all of his jokes if it in the some way helps his overall mission. I’m a soldier of culture. I’m resilient. I’m sure I’ll still beat him in basketball.

If we only have a single wish for the rest of eternity, please can it be a one on one face off on the basketball court between Obama and Kanye? We genuinely can't think of anything better.

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