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Amy Winehouse Apologises For Slamming Ronson, Claims It's A Jew Thing

She posts another Tweet...

By David Renshaw on Tuesday 21st September 2010 Photo by Splash

Amy Winehouse has apologised for criticising Mark Ronson after she accused him of riding her coat tails to fame.

Early on Monday morning Amy tweeted that Ronson's claims that he created many of the tracks on Amy's 'Back To Black' album were lies.

Now, almost 24 hours later Amy again took to her unofficial Twitter page to apologise to her producer friend, claiming that she loves him and her outburst was a 'Jewish' thing.

Telling Ronson she loved him, Amy tweeted the following: 

ronson i love you; that make it better? you knoww i love you- it's a jew thingz x whup rzaless than a minute ago via web

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