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Ashley Greene Treats Joe Jonas Mean, Keeps Him Keen

She's playing hard to get...

By David Renshaw on Thursday 2nd September 2010 Photo by Splash

Ashley Greene is reportedly driving Joe Jonas mad by playing hard to get in their relationship.

Heat reports that Ashley really likes Joe but that she isn't going to let him get too close, too soon.

"He knows she can't give in too easily or he'll move on. She's been pretty aloof and it's driving Joe crazy." a source told the magazine.

According to the source, Ashley only answers every third call from Joe - something the boyband member has picked up on.

"He'll say something like, 'About time!' when she does answer, and he's got this joking tone, but we all know he was waiting for her with baited breath,"

Ashley and Joe have been keeping their relationship on the down low recently but were snapped together at a soft ball game as our pictures (below) show:

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