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Lady Gaga Wants Her Own Art Exhibition

Pop princess wants to star at The Louvre...

By David Renshaw on Wednesday 25th August 2010 Photo by Splash

Lady Gaga has claimed that her 'Ultimate Goal' is to have her own exhibition at The Louvre in Paris.

Speaking to boring old mans mag Q (hopefully she kept her top on this time), she said:

"My ultimate goal, besides making music for ever and touring the world over and over and becoming the greatest pop performance art show on the planet? I want a Lady GaGa exhibit at the Louvre."

GaGa went on to make the outrageous claim that she is a piece of living art, something which hasn't been said since ooh, the last five million broadsheet comment pieces on her rise to fame.

"It's like walking art. That's how I am in my life. I don't think everyone should be that way. But I think there's something you can take from that philosophy. Inspire your own lifestyle."

Lady Gaga, when not planning art gallery takeovers, was recently crowned the Queen of Twitter.

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