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Michael Jackson Gets Justin Bieber Removed From Youtube

By David Renshaw on Friday 23rd July 2010 Photo by Splash

Last week we told you about how Justin Bieber had become the most popular artist on Youtube when his 'Baby' video romped home to a win over Lady Gaga. Well it seems the King of Pop had a problem with the crown Prince having all the glory.

Yes, that's right somehow last night Bieber's video for 'Baby' was removed from Youtube and replaced with the words 'This video is no longer available due to a copywrite claim by MJJ Productions'.

Nobody knows why this happened and the video is back online in all its 'Feat. Usher' glory but the point remains. Michael Jackson hates Bieber and is haunting him from pop heaven.

Be brave Justin, you'll be eighteen soon and all of this will go away.

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