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INTERVIEW: Dappy Talks Working With The Wanted, N-Dubz & More!

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By Shanelle Hamilton on Thursday 25th October 2012 Photo by Brigitte Engl/

N-Dubz rapper Dappy is riding high from completing his new album Bad Intentions and spoke to PopDash on the new LP amongst other controversial topics.

Speaking firstly on the selection of the title name, the London-based rapper admitted he is often misundrestood - but also confessed to courting controversy.

"I've always been misunderstood it's just me being a controversial character. I'm spontaneous wild humanbeing no is perfect," he said.

The 25-year-old didn't hold back on what makes his new sound different from N-Dubz's poppy material, adding:

"The music with N-Dubz was just teenage s**t that was just to get paid. Obviously I knew how to bracket the group: one girl in the middle two boys on the outside... We made some cash from that and opened urban doors for everyone."

Despite the rapper's cocky nature, he also showed a vulnerable side to himself, revealing that no matter how much he's achieved he will always feel like the underdog

"I always feel like an underdog and I'm always climbing and climbing.  However big I get I will always feel like I'm small," Dappy confessed.

Dappy's debut solo album Bad Intentions is out now! You can buy it here.

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