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Robbie Williams Avoids Cheating By Keeping His Wife Close By

Good boy Robbie!

By Natalie Palmer on Thursday 25th October 2012 Photo by Andrea Raffin/

Robbie Williams has revealed he avoids the temptation of affairs because his wife Ayda Field is always nearby.


Robbie told Shortlist that the thought of cheating hasn't crossed his mind but avoids any urges by keeping his wife with him.

He said: "I always have my wife with me. Always. I haven't missed playing around but I'm still a guy. This will be an ongoing project. Feels unnatural - but so far, so good."

The 38-year-old singer also said that cutting out the booze has helped his life and relationship dramatically: "It's a hundred times easier when you don't drink, and I don't drink. If I drank, I could not keep it in my trousers at all."

Let's hope this good behaviour continues!

Robbie’s new single ‘Candy’ is out on October 28th and his album Take the Crown is set for release on November 5th.

Robbie Williams Shagging Past...

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