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PopDash Meets... Josh Kumra!

We chat to the Wretch 32 guesting star who is striking out on his own...

By Lina Bastidas on Wednesday 25th January 2012

If, like us here at PopDash, you loved Wretch 32's 2011 smash hit 'Don't Go' then you will be delighted to learn that Josh Kumra - who provided the soulful vocals on the track - is launching his solo career this year. We sent Lina Bastidas along to meet Josh and learn a little bit more about him.

PopDash: How did the Wretch collaboration came about?

Josh Kumra: I met wretch through Levels entertainment, which I'm signed to through publishing and so is Wretch.  Basically he heard my version of 'Don't Go' and he loved the chorus on it, then we hooked up in the studio two weeks later and he put his vocals on it the same day and the rest is history.

PopDash: Don't Go has had massive success, how did that affect you?

JK: Well Don't go went to number 1 so it gave me a massive platform that I didn't even dream of having at this stage. In the space of two months I went from 50-100 Twitter followers to 10,000 so obviously it had an impact on people. Same on my Youtube its great because it set up the foundations and got everything rolling before I've released anything of my own.

PopDash: Can we expect to hear similar tracks to Don't go? tell us what type of music you're into..

JK: I'm into all different types of music, if I had to say a lane I'm in it would have to be sort of Tracy Chapman and maybe Bill Withers, so its got a bit of soul and a bit of old school kinda of song writing kind of feel to it.

PopDash: So do you write all you own songs?

JK: Yeah I wrote most of the album but I've been doing some collaborations with some song writers too. The most productive one is probably a guy called Martin Barrett and he's just putting the album together and adding the finishes touches.

PopDash: When can we expect your much anticipated debut album?

JK: (laughs) That's the ultimate question! We've still got to finalise it all but I would say the first quarter of this year and I'll definitely have a single before that.

PopDash: What sort of album is it? What do you write about? 

JK: I wrote about everything really. I want my album to reflect the journey that I've been in coming froms such a small town and then suddely performing infront of 10,000 people with Wretch that was an experience that I want to reflect in my album. I want to make emotive music that hopefully touches people.

PopDash: Can we expect any collaborations?

JK: Right now I have my sights set on Birdy, I think her voice is amazing and obviously the likes of Adele would be incredible. And Wretch promised me another collaboration so I'm going to hold him to that.

PopDash: Have you thought of a name for the album?

JK: Yes I have but it's a secret its all under wraps!

PopDash: Who are your musical inspirations?

JK: Tracy Chapman, Bob Marley and recently a guy called Ben Howard who I'm actually in love with his records, it weird I'm taking a lot of inspiration from the people that are coming up now, it's like its all shaping my song writing as I go.

PopDash: What's been your biggest obstacle so far?

JK: I have to admit playing gigs to thousands of people at Glastonbury and V festival! First couple of days I had to take a couple of shots of whisky to help me on my way but then after that I narrowed it down to just a few by the end of it so it wasn't too bad. The biggest performance I'd done before that was only about 500 people max.

PopDash: Are you looking forward to performing at all the festivals this year?

JK: Yes definitely but performing with more of my own material.

PopDash: What does 2012 have in store for your fans?

JK: A new single, Album and a lot of gigs! I want to do as many performances as possible and just get my music out there really.


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