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PopDash Meets... Little Mix!

We chat to X Factor winners ahead of Tickled Pink charity concert...

By Amy Nickell on Tuesday 10th January 2012

X Factor winners Little Mix are amongst the stars taking part in the Tickled Pink Girls Night Out concert at London's Shepherds Bush Empire this Thursday, January 12th. Amy Nickell caught up with Jade, Jesy, Perrie and Leigh-Anne to chat about their newfound fame and success...

PopDash: How did you get involved with ASDA’s Tickled Pink’s ‘Girls' Night Out’ performance?

Jade: We literally just got asked! But we are so grateful to be involved. We have heard about the shows before and always wanted to be a part of them. It’s such a great cause and to think 100 per cent of the ticket sales go straight to two vital breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer is just amazing.

PopDash: And is it exciting to be performing alongside Alexandra Burke, another X Factor winner?

Jesy: We are SO excited to see Alex – when she was on the judging panel she was so lovely to us. And we are also so excited about performing alongside The Saturdays, they seem great!

PopDash: So how have things been going since the show wrapped? Can you believe it’s all real yet?

Leigh-Anne: I don’t know if it will ever sink in! It hasn’t really had time to – we have been so busy in the studio, performing…

Jesy: …we’ve literally had no time to celebrate really – the morning after the show we had to be up at 4am and saw our families for like two minutes. But we did get 2 weeks off for Christmas which was nice.

Perrie: Me family threw me a surprise red carpet ‘do! I had no idea and walked in and there was a massive rolled up red carpet, Cannonball was playing and they were all dressed up at waiters and paparazzi!

PopDash: Is the paparazzi attention difficult to deal with?

Jesy: I think we are used to it now – we really were thrown into it at the start of the show though. It is still very strange sometimes especially when they know where we are on times like our days off. Like on New Year when we came out of Mahiki and they all somehow knew we had gone there.

Leigh-Anne: And there was another time when we were filming the show and we came out the house and all the paps were hiding in the bushes to get their shots. That’s weird!

PopDash: Do you worry about stories from your past coming out in the press?

Perrie: Unfortunately that sort of situation just comes with the territory. But when things like that happen we are all there to support each other – or just laugh when they are not true!

PopDash: So you really are as close as you seemed on the show?

Jade: We really are very close – but that’s not to say we don’t have a bicker. I had a go at Leanne this morning when she woke me up! But we will never have big arguments – we are all too lucky to be in this situation to waste it arguing.

PopDash: And have you being getting lots of celeb attention since you won, celeb male attention…?!

Leigh-Anne – We are so busy we don’t have time to focus on boys. Boys just don’t come into the equation at the minute!

PopDash: Even if the boys are say…One Direction?!

Jade: They are of course handsome boys but I’ve known Liam for ages and we are all just mates, really! We are just grateful how much they supported us during the show, and nothing more! They probably all have girlfriends anyway.

PopDash: Is it true that you are going to collaborate with Tulisa and Jessie J?

Jade: We don’t know about collaborations yet because we are just focusing on us and our music for now. Although, of course, both of those would be nice!

PopDash: So ultimately, what is the big dream for Little Mix?

Leigh-Anne: We are in this for the long term and I hope we can global – I want to aim high.

Jade: We never thought this could happen – just a year ago we were just four normal girls. So now we just want more number ones and just make sure it’s not all over in a year.

PopDash: Do you think you could be as big as The Spice Girls?

Leigh-Anne: That really is an amazing thought – we know it would take determination and hard work but I know we have both of those so who knows?

To celebrate 15 years of Tickled Pink, Asda announces the exclusive ‘Girls’ Night Out’ concert on 12th January 2012 in London starring Alexandra Burke and friends, with performances from The Saturdays, Little Mix, Chipmunk and Dionne Bromfield. Tickets available now from Ticketmaster. 

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