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PopDash Meets... Rebecca Ferguson!

We chat all things music, love, life and solo success with Rebecca...

By Lina Bastidas on Monday 28th November 2011

The X Factor can be a difficult thing to escape, as everyone knows for every JLS and Leona Lewis there is someone cleaning floors and dreaming of the time Louis Walsh told them they 'had it all'. So we're delighted to see 2010 runner up Rebecca Ferguson doing so well and about to release one of the years best albums. We caught up with Rebecca to learn a little bit more about her. 

PopDash: You’ve written most of the songs where did you get your inspirations from?

Rebecca: A lot of it was from things I’ve been through in Relationships, my bestfriend’s relationships and family, some if it was before I went on the X Factor, about the journey.

PopDash: Tell us about that journey, how was it l being a young mum and an upcoming singer before the X Factor?

Everything I do is for my kids, I sat and I explained what I’m doing to them. You have to find the time to balance it cos they are absolutely my world. I’m taking them out to Liverpool on Saturday and we’re going to have a lovely time.

PopDash: Did you ever think your children would be a set back to your music career?

Yes at first I did, I thought I couldn’t do it anymore and it was very hard but I’ve wanted this since I was a little girl and just kept on going. I’ve wanted it since I was about 3 years old, and when I was 14 I paid for my own lessons, it was  a scary thought to not make it.

PopDash: What’s your favourite track on the album?

Shoulder to shoulder has probably got the most meaning, It’s really emotional I played it to my friends and they were all like ‘that’s me and my ex boyfriend!’ And everyone seems to connect with it.  Fighting Suspicions is the most risky and unusual song I’ve ever written, it’s not something I would normally write. And too good to lose, is my favourite,  I love that one because you can have a boogie to it.

PopDash: You performed on last week’s show of the X Factor, What was it like going back?

It was nice! I arrived calm and happy like yeah get me on the stage, it was amazing I was so excited and the nerves started to kick in but it was great to perform and not to be judged at the end of it.

PopDash: Who do you thinks’ going to win it?

I don’t have specific person but I can say a bit about all of them.

Amelia: She has fire in her belly and will go far X Factor or no X Factor.
Janet has a unique tone that I think people will enjoy listening to. She is who she is and being unique and having a niche in the real world is a good thing.
Misha B: She’s great, she needs to stick to how she was when she first started
Marcus has got great stage presence
Little Mix: They’re gorge they will be in the final

PopDash: Predict the 3 finalists.
Little Mix

PopDash: Will you be touring for the album next year?

Yes I am touring in March

PopDash: That’s exciting, now let’s talk Xmas and New years! What are your plans for Xmas?

Stay in my pyjamas, having Xmas food, my New year’s resolution is  to love myself more, I think we could all do with that. I think I have lacked confidence before and there is always room for improvement

PopDash: And in terms of Love life?

I’m waiting for the right one.. There’s a saying isn’t there, to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet and I used to do that before but  I haven’t got that attitude anymore, I’m waiting for the right one. Patience is a virtue.

PopDash: I  have heard that you are dating?

Have you really? (laughs) No I have no time to date! I am speaking to people but I haven’t got any time, I am trying to fit people in but where you’ve got so much going on its hard but I’ve got to do it, You can’t be lonely!

Rebecca Ferguson's debut single 'Nothing's Real But Love' is out now. Her debut album 'Heaven' is released on December 5th.

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