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PopDash Meets... Encore!

Let us introduce you to the hot new boyband...

By PopDash on Monday 28th November 2011

When we heard that there was a new boyband who combined the pop hits of JLS with an edgy, urban sound then we were instantly intrigued. Then we saw apicture of Encore and the girls in our office demanded we made something happen! So, without further ado - meet Cairo, Mark and Pierre, better known as Encore.

PopDash: Your name is inspired by Jay-Z but what exactly was it that made you choose this title?

Encore: Cairo chose the name! We felt it was a fitting name because we want people wanting more!

PopDash: For those of us that may know nothing about you describe your sound in three words…

Encore: If we had to talk sum up our sound in three words….we would go for ‘Edgy’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Fun’!

PopDash: You've said you like to be known as a group rather than a boy band, why is that?

Encore: We would rather people and our fans to think of us as a group rather than a boyband as we all bring something totally different to the table….we each have our separate talents which when fused together present something unique. We don’t really see ourselves as a boyband!

PopDash: Can we expect cheesy choreographed dance moves and multiple torsos exposed?

Encore: Ha! Yeah all day long…. it’s all part of entertainment right?!

PopDash: What makes you different from other boy bands?

Encore: Not a lot of other boybands produce and write their own material…we are heavily involved in the whole process, which is really important to us.

PopDash: You've been compared to JLS and NDubz. What is your take on that?

Encore: We love it! It’s an honour and a compliment to be compared to two acts that are superb at what they do.

PopDash: What's it been like supporting Tinchy Stryder?

Encore: It was great! It was a whole new experience, touring for us is such a learning curve and we’ve been lucky enough to support some big names so far in our career,

PopDash: Can you tell us about your new mixtape?

Encore: Well the mixtape features 9 written and self-produced tracks and it’s mixed by CJ Beatz (who is a 1Xtra DJ). We’ve got a UK rapper called English Frank featuring on it who is really shaking things up in that world.

PopDash: If you could choose a British act to collaborate with, who would it be?

Encore: N-Dubz!

PopDash: What are your plans for 2012?

Encore: We really want to kill it this year – write some hit songs, release our debut album, collecting awards for Best Newcomer if all goes to plan!

PopDash: What's your main goal to achieve by the end of next year?

Encore: To really get our music out to the masses, and push it out on a wider scale.

PopDash: Who are you backing in this years X Factor?

Encore: Misha B and Little Mix!

PopDash: Tulisa or Kelly?

Cairo: Kelly Mark: Kelly Pierre: Tulisa!

PopDash: Finally, who are the hottest girl band?

Encore: Destinys Child were amazing!

Encore's mixtape 'Bread and Butter' can be downloaded for free from their official website. Their first single proper will be released in early 2012.


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