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PopDash Meets... Daley!

Introducing the unique London soul star...

By David Renshaw on Tuesday 15th November 2011

With his unique look, stunning voice and amazing songs we're predicting big things for Daley. We got in touch with him recently to learn a little bit more about the man who those in the know are calling 'The future of homegrown male soul'. 

PopDash: How did you feel about being placed on the BBC Sound of 2011 poll?

Daley: Surprised. Wasn't expecting it at all. It was surreal as most of the other nominated artists were so much further on in their careers and had albums ready to release etc, at first it felt like there might have been some pressure on me to rush something out, but it actually worked out really well. Having the nod from the poll and then putting out something for free with the mixtape was great timing.

PopDash: What influences you as an artist outside of music?

Anything that affects my life. When things change drastically in my life I'm always inspired to write, whether it be where I'm living, moving between Manchester and London, or travelling, or in  love or breaking up, those are all things that I feel a need to write about. I'm also a very visual person, I sometimes use visuals to inspire the mood of my songs.

PopDash: What can we expect from Daley in terms of a live show?

I want the live show to create moments. Things that people will want to watch again, look up on Youtube and pass around. It will be very much about the songs, the performance, and putting my soul and voice out there in a way that I hope people will feel. I can't wait to get the album songs into the live show, there will be vibes and energy of my band and also (I hope) some really beautiful, gentle moments with me at a piano or just a guitar. And visually I like to create something memorable.

PopDash: And album plans?

Finishing the album off as we speak, now that the mixtape is wrapped up I'm back in the studio finishing off songs and doing my last bit of writing. The main thing for me at the moment now that the songs are more or less written is getting the album sounding how I want it. I don't want it to be what people expect. Obviously it will have all of the elements of me as a singer and songwriter that I always try to bring, but I want to show a little more, so there will be a definite sound to the album that combines all of my influences and inspirations.

PopDash: Finally: Can you tell us you biggest musical ambition?

My biggest musical ambition is to create a collection of songs that will really mean something to people around over the world. Make music that will still sound good in ten, twenty years time, and make people feel something in relation to their own lives. If I can do that over the course of my career I'll feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.

Daley's 'Those Who Wait' mixtape is available to download now.

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