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PopDash Meets... Tinchy Stryder!

We catch up with the 'Let It Rain' star to talk grime, pop and Bruno Mars...

By David Renshaw on Monday 21st February 2011

In a time when British MCs are topping the charts and winning BRIT Awards it's safe to say that grime and pop have truly settled into their relationship. Nobody does it better than Tinchy Stryder, one of the original MCs to taste mainstream success. With the recent release of his new single 'Let It Rain' in mind, we caught up with Tinchy to talk about everything from his future plans to touring with Usher.

PopDash: Tell us a little bit about your latest single ‘Let It Rain’.

Tinchy: It’s one of my favourite songs from the album (2010’s Third Strike). I had a list of three songs I wanted to release from the album and that was on there, it’s a great song with a big chorus in it and I know its one of the fans favourites too.

PopDash: How do you feel about ’Third Strike’ as an album now that it’s been out a while?

Tinchy: I still love the album and I’m proud of it. It doesn’t feel like it’s done as well in terms of sales as 'Catch 22' but I think it’s maybe a better album in many ways. I wouldn’t change anything about the album personally.

PopDash: You released your single around the same time as Chipmunk, Devlin and Skepta. Do you guys all talk about things like that and is there any rivalry going on?

Tinchy: Not really, I mean we all want to beat each other, don’t get me wrong! But there’s no bragging about it or anything. I love the fact that those guys are doing well you know?

PopDash: Do you think the success of ‘Game Over’ shows that grime doesn’t necessarily need a big pop chorus on it to be successful?

Tinchy: The power of that single was bringing so many people together. I remember performing it at the MOBOs and being able to close a show like that with all of us British Mcs just rapping speaks volumes man.

PopDash: Wiley had a lot to say about the single (Wiley said he felt annoyed he wasn't asked to be on the track, which features MCs such as Tinie Tempah and Example). Did you read the things he said and if so, what did you make of them?

Tinchy: I didn’t see them myself but I got told about it. It’s strange you know because Wiley helped me out a lot when I was younger and I might not be here if it wasn’t for him so I have a lot of respect for that guy. You can’t control what someone is going to and there were probably a lot of people who thought they should have been on that track but didn’t make it.

PopDash: What did you make of the Female MC remix of ‘Game Over’?

Tinchy: I really like it, the one girl who stood out to me was Lady Leshurr. She did great on that track.

PopDash: What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Tinchy: I’m back recording again, in the studio working on the next album.

PopDash: Have you got any guests lined up for that or anyone you’d like to feature on there?

Tinchy: I never think about guests vocalists really, it tends to be that I need someone towards the end and go find the right person. I don’t write with other people in mind. Having said that, I’d love to work with Bruno Mars. I’ve been playing his song ‘Grenade’ in my car a lot recently.

PopDash: You’ve just been on the road with Usher on his OMG tour. How was that?

Tinchy: He’s great because he has had such a long career and has so many hits that it’s just inspiring to watch him perform and see how he does it all.

PopDash: He’s quite smooth with the ladies, has he passed on any tips to you?

Tinchy: Ha, I don’t need any tips. I’m quite good myself thanks!

Tinchy Stryder is still on tour across Europe with Usher. His album ‘Third Strike’ is out now.


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